What flight simulators are supported by ForeFlight?

ForeFlight can be connected to Flight Simulator programs running on desktop/laptop computers, or even full-size simulators.  Depending on the simulator, the connection can either be via WiFi (using the "UDP" protocol) or by a wired connection to the iPad.

Simulators supported by ForeFlight Mobile include:

 - AeroFly FS 2


 - Frasca

 - Infinite Flight

 - Microsoft Flight Simulator: MSFS2020, FSX, and 2004 

 - Prepar3D

 - RedBird

 - X-Plane 

IMPORTANT NOTE - iOS 14: when using a Flight Simulator on an iPad or iPhone running iOS14/iPadOS14, be sure to allow "Local Network" access for that flight simulator. This can be set in APPLE SETTINGS > PRIVACY > LOCAL NETWORK > [Simulator App].