How do I connect to an ELITE XTS flight simulator?

To connect your ELITE XTS Flight Simulator to ForeFlight, perform the following:

STEP 1. Connect your ELITE XTS flight simulator and your iPad running ForeFlight to the same WiFi network.

STEP 2. Launch the Elite software and select your aircraft and area.

STEP 3. Bring up the Elite menu and select IPAD CONFIGURE.

STEP 4. Select the FOREFLIGHT tab.

STEP 5. Select the SEND button.

STEP 6. Open ForeFlight on your iPad.


STEP 8. Tap on the ELITE CONNECTED tile.

STEP 9. Turn the switch ON next to ENABLED.

Here is a video that shows how to connect your ELITE XTS flight simulator to ForeFlight.

How to enable ForeFlight with an ELITE XTS flight simulator