How do I connect to the Infinite Flight flight simulator?

ForeFlight Mobile can be used with the Infinite Flight flight simulator running on another phone or tablet.

To connect ForeFlight to Infinite Flight, perform the following:

STEP 1. Start Infinite Flight on another phone or tablet (NOTE: NOT the iPhone or iPad on which you're running ForeFlight Mobile).

STEP 2. Tap the SETTINGS button (looks like a gear) in Infinite Flight, scroll down to the bottom, and tap the button to enable ForeFlight connectivity.

STEP 3. Open ForeFlight, tap on MORE > DEVICES > tap on Infinite Flight and make sure the switch next to ENABLED is ON.

STEP 4. Once you have Enabled Infinite Flight, accuracy will be reported as "Accuracy (Infinite Flight) 1m".

IMPORTANT: With iOS 14, Infinite Flight requires the "Local Network" to be turned on in APPLE SETTINGS > APPS > INFINITE FLIGHT.  


If the simulated aircraft position appears to "jump" between your actual position and the simulated position, open Apple Settings and go to PRIVACY > LOCATION SERVICES > FOREFLIGHT and change the setting to "Never". After using Infinite Flight, be sure to turn LOCATION SERVICES > FOREFLIGHT back to "Always" or "While using App".