How do I connect Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020) to ForeFlight?

To connect Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020) to ForeFlight, use one of the solutions listed in this article. For ALL solutions listed, make sure that your computer firewall and Wi-Fi router are not blocking UDP traffic on port 49002.

Flight Events

Flight Events supports sending simulated position data from MSFS2020 to ForeFlight Mobile. To get started, use the following instructions.

1: Install version 2.2.0 or later (Required).

2: Download Flight Events from the Flight Events site by clicking on the "Join" button at the top right and following the instructions.

3: In the Flight Events Settings menu, enable broadcasting to the local network (e.g., choose ‘Broadcast data to local network’).


Image 1: Enable broadcast data to local network.

4: With MFSF2020 open and while in the air, on the Simulator tab, enter a random callsign and press "Start Flight Tracking." You should see a message in-game that says, "Flight Events connected."

5: In ForeFlight Mobile, tap More > Devices, then tap the "Flight Events" tile, and slide the "Enabled" switch ON.


Image 2: Flight Events tile shows connected.


FS2FF (Flight Simulator to ForeFlight)

FS2FF is a tool to send data from MSFS2020 to ForeFlight Mobile. FS2FF is hosted at FS2FF Github Page. Use the instructions below to get started:

1: Open the latest FS2FF release.

2: Download FS2FF.exe to a suitable location (e.g., My Documents or Desktop).

3: Open FS2FF.exe.

4: If Windows Defender suggests, "Windows protected your PC," click "More Info" and click "Run anyway."

5: Connect to the same wireless network as your mobile device.

6: Open Microsoft Flight Simulator.

7: Once you get to the MSFS home screen in FS2FF, click Connect.

8: Open ForeFlight Mobile and go to MORE > DEVICES and confirm that MSFS shows as connected. If not, tap the tile and slide the "Enabled" switch to ON.


Image 3: MSFS tile shows connected.

NOTE: If no connection is shown in ForeFlight Mobile under MORE > DEVICES while FS2FF says "Connected," then that means that there is likely a network/firewall problem, or the iPad is not connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer.



XMapsy supports sending data from MSFS2020 to ForeFlight Mobile. You will need to visit the following sites:

     XMapsy Website

     XMapsy Instructions Page

     XMapsy Support Page

After installing and starting XMapsy, open ForeFlight Mobile, then tap MORE > DEVICES and confirm the "XMAPSY" tile shows "Connected." If not, tap the tile and slide the "Enabled" switch to ON.