What does the Clouds layer represent?

The Clouds layer displays cloud coverage as forecast by the National Centers of Environmental Protection's Global Forecast Model (GFS). Clouds are depicted with shades of grey to indicate the amount of forecasted cloud coverage (few, scattered, broken, overcast).  

Map Layer 

Clouds are displayed on the map for a specified time period and altitude (MSL). The time period and altitude are controlled with sliders on the map. Scrub the sliders to visualize how cloud coverage will change with time and altitude. Tap the play button to the left of the time slider to animate cloud coverage over the forecast period (24 hours). This feature requires a ForeFlight Pro Plus or higher subscription.


Map and Profile View Cloud Forecast

Profile View

The Profile View displays cloud coverage and cloud height along your route of flight based on your estimated time of departure and time en route. Each waypoint along your route of flight displays the forecasted cloud coverage at the time you're expected to cross the point. Clouds in the Profile View are not affected by the altitude or time slider. This feature requires a ForeFlight Performance Plus subscription.