API (Application Programming Interface) Keys

Dispatch uses an API (application programming interface) to integrate with scheduling systems and other 3rd party applications, allowing allowing them to send and receive data to and from Dispatch.

An API key is a unique, computer-generated, random string of letters and numbers used to authenticate a developer, calling program, or infrequently an individual user to the Dispatch API. API keys are most often used to authenticate a project with the API rather than an individual user.

On the API Keys page, you can generate an API key for integration with an existing 3rd party product or access the documentation to build your own integration. The API Keys page also displays a record of when API keys have been created including the user it was created by, date and time generated, the API key, and current status (Active or Revoked).


Click the “Generate Key” button in the top right-hand corner to generate a new API key.

IMPORTANT: After generating a key make sure to save it. Keys are not shown again and cannot be retrieved once generated.



Flight Schedule API

The flight schedule API allows for easy import of flights into Dispatch from your flight scheduling system. Flights can be imported on a one-by-one basis or as a batch. You can keep updating flights through the scheduling API as your schedule changes.


Flights API 

The flights API delivers more fine-grained interaction with the Dispatch system, allowing you to create flights with more detailed data, retrieve fuel burn and times for those flights as well as briefings and navlogs. You can also run ad-hoc performance calculations for already setup aircraft as well as generic aircraft. The quotation API is a simplified performance API that will estimate time, fuel burn using fewer parameters and a rough routing approximation.