How do I file an en route Stay?

ForeFlight Mobile supports stays for Eurocontrol flight planning and filing purposes. Basic Plus and Pro Plus customers can manually enter stays using the following formatting: identifier/Dh+mm

Here is an example using a 15 minute stay at the waypoint VENAR: VENAR/D0+15

Stays can be added to en route waypoints, latitude-longitude, fix-radial-distance, intersections, and navaids. A maximum of nine stays are supported per flight. Stays are not supported for flights outside of Eurocontrol airspace. Stays cannot be added to terminal arrival or departure procedures.  



When a route containing a stay is sent to Flights for filing purposes, the stay is included in the flight's route section. When filing a flight plan with a stay, Eurocontrol requires remarks (STAYINFO). To enter remarks for your stay, follow these steps:

Step 1: Plan a route with a stay using the Maps flight plan editor. 

Step 2: Send the route to Flights

Step 3: Tap Proceed to File

Step 4: Tap the Other Information field in the filing form.

Step 5: Enter remarks in the appropriate STAYINFO field. 


Other Information - STAYINFO

Performance Plus Accounts

Performance Plus customers with ForeFlight Mobile version 14.3 and later can add stays using the flight plan editor Set Altitude/Speed/Time option. To add a stay using a Performance Plus account:

Step 1: Plan a route using the Maps flight plan editor.

Step 2: Tap the route element where the stay is to take place.

Step 3: Tap Set Altitude/Speed/Time.

Step 4: Enter the stay duration using the time picker. 

Step 5: Add stay remarks (required).

Step 6: Tap anywhere outside the stay pop-up window to save the changes. 

Stays added with the Set Altitude/Speed/Time option are automatically copied to Flights and able to be filed. Stay remarks entered in the flight plan editor pop-up are copied to field 18 (Other Information/STAYINFO) of the ICAO filing form. 


Adding a Stay with Set Altitude/Speed/Time