What is the difference between the Pressure Altitude instrument and the Cabin Pressure instrument?

The Pressure Altitude and Cabin Pressure instruments show pressure altitude as derived by a barometric sensor, if present. If the sensor is in your iPad or iPhone, only Cabin Pressure will display a value. If connected to a Stratus or other external device with a built-in barometric sensor, both instruments will show the same value and Pressure Altitude will have an “Uncorrected” label, indicating that the value may not correspond to actual indicated altitude. However, if the “Pressurized Cabin” switch is enabled in the connected device’s settings then only the Cabin Pressure instrument will display a value; the Pressure Altitude instrument will be blank. If connected to a source that can provide actual indicated altitude, the Pressure Altitude instrument will display a value with a “Corrected” label.

Note: If you are using a SatCom Direct router, you will need a Performance Plus or Business Performance subscription in order to see pressure altitude.