Why does the 60NM ring around DC show as a TFR?

When connected to the internet, ForeFlight displays the 30 NM SFRA ring in red as a TFR depiction.  ForeFlight has chosen to display it that way when connected to the internet, as ForeFlight has control over the data when connected to the internet. 


Image 1: DC SFRA Depiction from the internet.

When you are flying and connected to an ADS-B-in device (such as Sentry, Stratus GDL-52), the depiction comes from the FAA's data. The FAA transmits TFR data via ADS-B towers, and the display of the entire 60 NM ring (Mode C veil or DCA VOR DME 60 NM ring) is shown as a TFR.  ForeFlight does not overwrite or change what is transmitted through ADS-B, as we are simply receiving and displaying the data.  Only certain towers near the DC area show the 60 NM ring as a TFR.  Other towers show the 30 NM ring as a TFR.  Once you are receiving a tower that shows it as the 60 NM ring it will display as the 60 NM ring.  


Image 2: DC SFRA depiction from ADS-B.