How do I file an en route delay?

ForeFlight Mobile supports delays for flight planning and filing purposes. Basic Plus and Pro Plus customers can manually enter delays using the following formatting: waypoint identifier/Dh+mm.

Here is an example using a 35-minute delay at SKIDS: SKIDS/D0+35.

Delays can be added to en route waypoints, latitude-longitude, fix-radial-distance, intersections, and navaids. Multiple delays are supported per flight. Delays are not supported for international flights. Delays cannot be added to departing or arriving airports, SIDs, or STARs. 


Entering "SKIDS/D0+35" results in SKIDS(DELAY 0h35m)

When a route containing a delay is sent to Flights for filing purposes, the delay is included in the flight's enroute section.


Delay is included on the flight plan form formatted for filing

Performance Plus Accounts

Performance Plus customers with ForeFlight Mobile version 14.3 and later can enter delays using the flight plan editor Set Altitude/Speed/Time option. To add a delay using a Performance Plus account:

Step 1: Plan a route using the Maps flight plan editor.

Step 2: Tap the route element where the delay is to take place.

Step 3: Tap Set Altitude/Speed/Time.

Step 4: Enter a delay duration using the time picker. 

Step 5: Add delay remarks (optional).

Step 6: Tap anywhere outside the delay pop-up window to save the changes. 

Delays added with the Set Altitude/Speed/Time option are copied to Flights and able to be filed. Delay remarks entered in the flight plan editor pop-up are copied to field 18 (Other Information) of the ICAO filing form. 


Adding Delays with Set Altitude/Speed/Time