How do CFI's endorse a logbook?

Instructors can endorse a logbook in-person, or remotely when the Instructor and student are using ForeFlight Mobile version 11.6 or later.

In-person endorsements:

1.  Open ForeFlight Mobile on the student's device and tap More > Logbook.  

2.  On the main logbook page, scroll to the MENU section and tap Qualifications.  


Image 1.  From the Logbook page, tap Qualifications.

3.  In the upper right, tap on the ADD NEW  button and then select ENDORSEMENT.

Image 2.  Select the ADD NEW  and then the ENDORSEMENT button.

4.  From the pop up window, you can use the LOOKUP  button to find a pre-formatted endorsement.  

Image 3.  Use the LOOKUP  button to find a pre-formatted Endorsement.

5.  Complete the endorsement and sign it.

Image 4.  Completed and signed endorsement.

6.  Once you are done with the endorsement, select the CLOSE  button in the upper left.

Remote endorsements:

See this video for details of how Remote Endorsements work: ForeFlight How-To: Instructor Tools.

1.  Open ForeFlight Mobile on the instructor's device and tap More > Logbook.

2. On the main Logbook page, scroll to the MENU section and tap Instructor Tools:


Image 1.  From the Logbook page, tap Instructor Tools.

3. Tap Digital Signature to set-up your digital signature that will be attached to your remote endorsements.

4. To create a remote Endorsement, tap Endorsement Records, then tap the  button in the upper-right.

5. Tap the Student Name to select the student from your list of contacts (People) added to Logbook. If you haven't yet added the student's name, tap the  button in the upper-right to do so.


Image 2. Tap Student Name to select the student from the Logbook contacts (People).

6. Tap the Lookup button to find a pre-formatted endorsement, or manually type-in the endorsement text. Tap any grey-formatted placeholder text to fill-in the relevant details for that endorsement.

7.  When the details are complete and the instructor signature is applied, tap Send Endorsement. The student will receive an in-app notification and an email that the Endorsement has been sent, and the Endorsement will appear at the top of their logbook in the Drafts & Requests section.


Image 3. Draft Remote Endorsement received by a student

NOTE: If the student does not yet have a ForeFlight subscription a PDF of the remote endorsement will be sent to their email address.  

8. The student should then tap the endorsement to review it, and tap Accept to add it to their Logbook, or Decline if something needs to be changed.