How do CFI's endorse a logbook?

To endorse a logbook, follow these steps:

1.  Open ForeFlight Mobile and go to the logbook feature.  

2.  On the main logbook page, scroll to the MENU SECTION and select QUALIFICATIONS.  

Image 1.  From the logbook page, select QUALIFICATIONS.

3.  In the upper right, tap on the ADD NEW  button and then select ENDORSEMENT.

Image 2.  Select the ADD NEW  and then the ENDORSEMENT button.

4.  From the pop up window, you can use the LOOKUP  button to find a pre-formatted endorsement.  

Image 3.  Use the LOOKUP button to find a pre-formatted Endorsement.

5.  Complete the endorsement and sign it.

Image 4.  Completed and signed endorsement.

6.  Once you are done with the endorsement, select the CLOSE  button in the upper left.