Stratus ADS-B Receiver Comparison Chart




STRATUS 2S Stratus ESG Stratus ESGi STRATUS 2i
Price  Discontinued Discontinued      $449   $899 $2995


Part of the ESGi Package 
Subscription Free ADS-B Weather  ✓    ✓ Requires a portable Stratus   
Built-in WAAS GPS        ✓     Via Stratus ESGi 
ADS-B Traffic - 978 MHz (UAT)  ✓    ✓ Requires a portable Stratus   Via Stratus ESGi 
ADS-B Traffic - 1090 MHz (ES) X  ✓  ✓ Requires a  Stratus 2 or 2S    Via Stratus ESGi
Backup Attitude (built-in AHRS) X   ✓  ✓ Requires a  Stratus 2 or 2S     
Flight Data Recorder X  ✓  ✓ Requires a  Stratus 2 or 2S X    
Stratus Replay:  Allow your iPad screen to sleep yet never miss a weather report X  ✓    ✓ Requires a  Stratus 2, 1S,or 2S X    
Pressure Altitude sensor X X X  ✓ Requires a  Stratus 2S X    
Connect to ESG via factory accessory plug X      ✓ N/A  N/A    
USB Type C Connector X X    ✓ N/A  N/A    
Improved thermal performance: automatic fan keeps Stratus cool X X    ✓ N/A  N/A    
All-day battery life  Over 8 hours Over 8 hours  Over 8 hours   Over 8 hours N/A  N/A  Powered by ESGi 
Optional remote ADS-B antenna          Connects to ESGi 
Optional remote GPS antenna X  ✓ X  ✓       Connects to ESGi 
Enhanced ADS-B reception X X    ✓        

Wi-Fi security settings:
-Optional ability to hide the SSID
- Optional set WPA2 password
- Automatic alert when false device is detected

X X   ✓  Requires a  Stratus 1S or 2S  Requires a  Stratus 1S or 2S