How do I file a latitude and longitude waypoint?

 We recommend that you create a route in the Route Editor on the Maps page and then use the "Send To" IMG_0017.jpg function to send the route to the Flights view.  When doing this, the latitude and longitude will be error checked as it is sent to the Fights view. The latitude and longitude will also be converted to a common format used between ForeFlight Mobile and our file server. The latitude and longitude will get formatted once again when it is sent to Leidos depending on the type of flight plan.

You will need to enter the latitude and longitude in the Route Editor on the Maps page in one of the valid formats.  Valid formats are listed below using 36°00'51.4"N / 75 40' 04.4"W, as an example:


DD°MM’SS” 36°00'51"N/75°40'04"W



DD°MM’SSs” 36°00'51.4"N/75°40'04.4"W

3600514/-07540044  3600514N/07540044W

DD° 36°00.86'N/75°40.07'  



Note: When you enter a latitude and longitude, only the Degrees and Minutes are used for filing. If you enter the latitude and longitude on the File view ENROUTE field directly (which we advise against) use 11 characters format DDMMHDDDMMH (3601N07540W).

Note:  There must be a slash between the latitude and longitude.

Here is a sample of a route entry using the MMDDSS format:   KMQI 360051N754004W KNTU

In this example using the DD°MM’SS” format, in the NavLog, enter the route as follows:  KMQI 360051N0754004W KNTU. When complete, use the SEND TO IMG_0017.jpg button and select FLIGHTS.  The planned route will be entered into the flight plan form and the latitude and longitude will be properly formatted for filing.  

Note: Most GPS and FMS use a default format similar to DD which displays Degrees and Minutes and tenths, hundredths or thousandths of a minute. The closest display format available in ForeFlight is and you will find it easiest to compare latitude longitude if you set this display format.



Image 1:  Latitude and Longitude entered into NavLog on Maps page and displayed in the format chosen in the Settings section.



Image 2:  Tap SEND TO and FlIGHTS to send the route to a flight plan form.



Image 3:  Latitude and Longitude is displayed in flight plan form and has been automatically reformatted for filing purposes.