How do I get a receipt for my subscription purchase from ForeFlight?

If you purchased directly from ForeFlight through our website, you can get a receipt for your purchase using ForeFlight on the web.  

To do so, log into ForeFlight on the web using your account username (email address) and password.  Once signed in, click on your name in the left column.  

Image 1. Once signed into ForeFlight on the web, click on your name in the left column.

On the next page, make sure the ACCOUNT tab is selected and then scroll down to the SUBSCRIPTION section.  Your transactions will be listed with a "View Receipt" button next to purchases for which a receipt is available.  Click VIEW RECEIPT.

Image 2.  On your Account page, scroll to the SUBSCRIPTION section and then click VIEW RECEIPT.

On the next page, click the paid invoice link for the purchase you want to view a receipt for.

Image 3.  Click the link under "Recently Paid Invoices" for the receipt you want to view.

You should now see a receipt which can be saved or printed.


Image 4.  Sample receipt.