How do I troubleshoot my Internal GPS if it is not working?

Please use these steps to troubleshoot your internal GPS:

STEP 1:  Are Location Services enabled for ForeFlight in the iPad Settings > Privacy section?

To check this, follow these steps:

1.  Go to the iPad SETTINGS app and open it.

2.  In the left-hand Settings column, select PRIVACY.

3.  In the right-hand column, make sure the top LOCATION SERVICES switch is ON (it will need to have green showing).

4.  Scroll down through the right column until you find the ForeFlight app icon.  Make sure it is set to ALWAYS.

No:  Stop here:  Enable Location Services for both the device AND for ForeFlight to allow the GPS signal to get through to ForeFlight.  

Yes:  Continue to step 2.


STEP 2:  Within ForeFlight, under MORE > SETTINGS, is "Enable Ownship" set to "Always?"

To check this, open ForeFlight and go to MORE and then SETTINGS.  Scroll almost all the way down and make sure that ENABLE OWNSHIP is set to ALWAYS.  

No:  Stop here:  Set "Enable Ownship" to "Always"

Yes:  Continue to step 3.


STEP 3:  Do other apps that use a GPS signal display position information (Such as the GPS Device Data app) with Wi-Fi turned off?

Please go to the iPad Settings app and Tap on WI-FI and turn off Wi-Fi.  Now, open an app other than ForeFlight that uses GPS, such as the GPS Device Data app.  Is your GPS information displayed in that app, but still not displayed in ForeFlight?

No:  No GPS information is coming into the device.  Continue to step 4.

Yes:  This means the device is getting GPS position information.  Continue to step 5.


STEP 4:  Does the iPad have an unrestricted view of the sky?

No:  Move to a location where the iPad can get a good signal.  If you are in a building or airplane, please move the iPad to a location where it can get an optimal view of the sky without obstruction. 

Yes:  Continue to step 5.


STEP 5:  Is the Date, Time, and Timezone set correctly under iPad SETTINGS > GENERAL > DATE & TIME (Should be set to "Set Automatically")

Please check you iPad's Date & Time setting.  You can do this by going to the iPad SETTINGS app and select GENERAL > DATE & TIME.  Be sure this is set to "Set Automatically."

No:  Stop here.  Please adjust this setting correctly.  

Yes:  continue to step 6.


STEP 6:  Reset Network Settings.  Did this help?

Please try resetting your Network Settings.  (Warning - this will reset all your network Settings, meaning you will have to enter the password for all Wi-Fi networks to re-join them.  You will need your Network connection and password information before you do this)  


Did that allow your GPS position to show in ForeFlight?

No:  Continue to step 7.

Yes:  Stop here. 


STEP 7:  Reset Location & Privacy.  Did this help?

Please reset your Location & Privacy setting.  You can do this by going to the iPad SETTINGS and select GENERAL > RESET > RESET Location & Privacy.  

No:  Continue to step 8.

Yes:  Stop here.


STEP 8:  Does restarting the ForeFlight app cause the GPS position information to show?

To do this, follow these steps:
1. Exit ForeFlight and go to the main iPhone or iPad home screen
2. Press the button at the bottom of the iPhone/iPad twice in a row (Double Click).  Apps in use will be displayed in the center of the screen.  If they don't appear - please try again until they do.
3. Find the ForeFlight icon by scrolling through the apps left or right.  
4.  Touch the ForeFlight app and swipe it upwards off of the screen.  This will stop ForeFlight from running in the background.
5. Tap on the top of the home button to exit. 
6. Tap the ForeFlight Mobile icon to restart ForeFlight.
After doing that, does your GPS position show now?

No:  Go to step 9.

Yes:  Stop here.


STEP 9:  Turn Cellular OFF, perform a hard reboot of the device, and then turn Cellular back on. Does this solve the GPS problem?

Turn Cellular OFF by going to the iPad SETTINGS and select CELLULAR DATA and turn that OFF.  

Next, perform a hard reboot of the device,  Here's how you reboot your device:

Press-and-hold the button at the top of your device while simultaneously holding the home button. Keep both buttons pressed until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears. The device will now reload the operating system and reboot in approximately one minute.
Now, turn Cellular back on by going to the iPad SETTINGS > CELLULAR DATA.  Does this solve the GPS problem?

No:  Stop here.  At this point, it would seem that the hardware may be having trouble.  Please go to Apple for hardware diagnostics.  They may be able to assist with a system restore.   

Yes:  Stop here.