How do I view Class E airspace using the Aeronautical Map?

To view Class E Airspace on the Aeronautical map, you will need to first select Class E airspace to show. To do so, go to the Maps page and select the Map Settings button at the top. In the AERONAUTICAL section, select AIRSPACE.


Image 1. Open Map Settings and select AIRSPACE.

On the next view, turn the switch ON next to CLASS E (USA).


Image 2. Turn the switch on to show Class E airspace.

Next, tap on the map to close the Map Settings menu. Now, look for Class E airspace, which is pink. When you zoom in on the Class E airspace, you will see an "E" designation as well as the altitude constraints for that airspace. 


Image 3. Zoom in to view Class E airspace information.

Outside of the USA, to view Class E airspace, you need to tap-hold on the Map. From the pop-over, tap the ALL button at the bottom. Airspace information is shown at the top of the pop-over. If you tap on a Class E line item, the airspace will be highlighted on the Aeronautical map. You can also select DETAILS for further information.


Image 4. Tap-Hold on Airspace and then select ALL. Airspace Information is at the top of the pop-over box. 

The name shown on the pop-over box will be assigned by the regulatory agency for the region.