How do I receive and display FLARM traffic with the SkyEcho 2?

FLARM Decoding License

ForeFlight Mobile 11.5 and later support displaying FLARM traffic (available in Europe) from the uAvionix SkyEcho 2. Viewing FLARM traffic in ForeFlight Mobile requires an app-specific FLARM decoding license, which can be purchased as an add-on to your ForeFlight subscription plan.

To add a FLARM license for ForeFlight Mobile:

- Go to (and enter your email address) or sign-in to your account here > click “Upgrade or Renew My Subscription” > select the Add-On for FLARM Support for SkyEcho 2.

NOTE: FLARM decoding licenses cannot be transferred between devices or apps, so you’ll need a ForeFlight-specific license even if you already have a FLARM license for another app or display. 

Connecting to a SkyEcho 2

If you connect to a SkyEcho 2 and activate FLARM mode via the SkyEcho 2 Web UI but do not yet have a ForeFlight Mobile FLARM decoding license, you’ll see the “License required...” tile on the More > Devices page.


The next time your iPad connects to the Internet after this tile is displayed, your ForeFlight Mobile app will notify the ForeFlight servers and you’ll receive a personalized email with instructions for adding the FLARM decoding license to your ForeFlight subscription.

After you've added the FLARM decoding license to your ForeFlight subscription, the next time you open the app while connected to the SkyEcho 2 you’ll see the updated tile. 

To ensure your device's configuration is set-up correctly, follow the steps below.


IMAGE 1. Tap on the “SkyEcho 2” tile to see details about the SkyEcho 2 device and the data being received. 


IMAGE 2. From there, you will note the Antenna Setting, which should say FLARM, as well as the Web UI > Tap here.



IMAGE 3. Select SkyEcho Setup


IMAGE 4. Select FLARM > Enter ICAO Address Hexcode > Input Callsign.

NOTE: The ICAO Address Hexcode and Callsign are required to get the own-ship detection. Selecting the ADS-B Out mode is prohibited outside the UK.