Does ForeFlight support FLARM?

FLARM (flight-alarm) operates via air-to-air transmissions within 10km and displays basic information about a nearby aircraft's heading, speed, and altitude. Aircraft equipped with FLARM can receive this information and FLARM calculates collision risk based on relative position. Pilots are alerted of an imminent collision with the relative position of the other aircraft.

FLARM data can be accessed with the uAvionix SkyEcho2, a device using the GDL90 protocol, or by PowerFLARM. 

uAvionix Sky Echo2

- ForeFlight Mobile 11.5 and later supports displaying FLARM traffic (Europe only) from the uAvionix SkyEcho2.

- SkyEcho includes FLARM and ADS-B receivers to receive position reports from other equipped aircraft and display them in ForeFlight.

-  You must purchase a FLARM Decoding License to display FLARM traffic when connected to a SkyEcho2.


- Beginning with ForeFlight Mobile 11.7, ForeFlight Mobile can display FLARM traffic information delivered via the NMEA or GDL90 protocols (Europe only). An adapter is required to convert NMEA data into a format that can be received by the iPad.


- ForeFlight supports PowerFLARM via the air-avionics WiFi module (air-connect).