How do I import my digital logbook?

To import a logbook, you will need to have it in an electronic format that is compatible with ForeFlight Logbook, such as a CSV file.  We strongly recommend that you use the available ForeFlight Logbook template (logbook_template.csv) available at to make the upload process as smooth as possible.

IMPORTANT: Importing a CSV file ADDS the entries to any existing logbook data in your account.

The template should look like this when opened in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets:

Image 1.  Sample view of the ForeFlight Logbook template. 

With the template open, you can now add your aircraft and logbook information into the appropriate sections.  You may have to copy columns of text from your electronic logbook file and then paste them into the appropriate columns in the ForeFlight Logbook template.

Formatting Notes 

To assist you in understanding formatting requirements for each field within the ForeFlight Logbook template, please see this article:

     What are the formatting requirements for each field in the Logbook template?


Below is a sample showing data organization from a non-ForeFlight logbook file and then the ForeFlight Logbook template just below it.  The presentation is meant to show how to correlate data from your format and then copy it into the ForeFlight Logbook template.  This is a manual process and you will need to simply copy the text from the appropriate columns in your file and paste it into the appropriate columns in the ForeFlight Logbook template.

NOTE:  You should not have both logbooks in the same file.  What is pictured below is for demonstration purposes only.

Image 2.  Example of Non-ForeFlight Logbook on top and the ForeFlight Logbook template on bottom.  Transfer, by copying and pasting the data from your logbook file to the appropriate columns within the ForeFlight Logbook template.  

If you need to add custom fields, please see this article: 

     How do I create custom logbook fields in my logbook spreadsheet template?

Uploading the logbook CSV file 

When you are finished filling in the ForeFlight Logbook template with your logbook information, export it as a CSV file and then upload the file following the direction on this page:

Step 1. Sign-in to then click on the Logbook tab

Step 2. Drag the CSV file into the 'Import' section (or click "BROWSE FILES" to select the file)


Image 3. Drag the CSV file into the Import section.

Step 3. Verify the information appears to be correct, then click "IMPORT TO LOGBOOK"


Image 4. Verify information, then click "IMPORT TO LOGBOOK"