How do I set up and update my downloads?

Charts, procedures, and diagrams must be downloaded for offline use. Tap MORE > DOWNLOADS to access the Downloads view. 


Access Downloads from the top of the More menu

Download Settings

Download settings are divided into two sections. Data Settings and Region Settings. Data settings specify the types of charts, procedures, and diagrams to download. Region settings specify the states, provinces, and countries to download.

Data type and region selections can be made in any order. It is not possible to select unique data types for a specific region. 



Data and Region Settings

Data Settings

Tap DATA SETTINGS to select that type of data for download. The selected data will be downloaded for each selected region. When data selections are complete, tap the DOWNLOADS back button in the upper left corner of the menu. High-resolution basemap and terrain data are selected from the Data Settings menu and are not associated with region selections. 


Region Settings

Tap REGION SETTINGS to select the states, provinces, or countries to download. If data does not exist for the selected state, province, or country, a note below the selected region is displayed. When region selections are complete, tap the DOWNLOADS back button in the upper left corner of the menu. 


Updating Data

When data and region selections have been made, Downloads automatically displays the data available for download. Download available data by tapping the DOWNLOADS button at the bottom of the Download menu. 

Updated data becomes available approximately five days before the existing data expires. If updates are downloaded that are not yet effective, ForeFlight will continue to display the active data. Once the active data expires, ForeFlight will automatically display the updated data. For additional information, see this how-to video:


ForeFlight How-To: Downloads