How do I add my Contract Fuel cards to my ForeFlight account?

To add contract fuel cards to ForeFlight, you first need

1: Either a ForeFlight Performance Plus or a Business Performance subscription.

2: An Aircraft set up on your ForeFilght account that is associated with your contract fuel card.

To add your contract fuel cards:

1: Open ForeFlight on the Web.

2: Click on JetFuelX in the left column.


Image 1: Select JetFuelX.

3: On the JetFuelX page, click on ADD FUEL CARD.


Image 2: Select ADD FUEL CARD.

4: From the popover, select the FUEL VENDOR.

5: Complete the required fields.


Image 3: Fill in the fuel card fields.

6: Click the ADD button.


Image 4: Click the ADD button.