How do I interpret the Wind Chart in my Briefing?

The Winds Chart offers the following information in relation to the route, at the estimated departure time:


The altitude is noted is to the nearest thousand feet of flight altitude.

Wind Direction

Winds barbs point to the direction that the winds are blowing from. The barbed end points towards the “from” direction and the dotted end points towards the “to” direction. Short barbs indicate 5 knots of wind. Tall barbs indicated 10 knots. Triangular (or pennants) barbs indicate 50 knots. Simply add the sum of the values represented by the barb symbols to determine the wind speed.


The temperature is in Celsius and is negative unless a "+" is noted next to the number.


Bordering notations along the left and right side, of the chart.


Bordering notations along the top and bottom, of the chart.


 Image 1. FLIGHTS > selected the desired flight plan from left column > BRIEFING > FORECAST > WIND CHART