Do the Dual XGPS170, XGPS170D, or XGPS190 ADS-B receivers work with ForeFlight Mobile?

Beginning with ForeFlight Mobile version 10.0 you can use a Dual XGPS170, XGPS170D, or XGPS190 with ForeFlight Mobile, provided you install and use the Dual ADS-B Status Tool app. The Status Tool app is available from the Apple App Store: DUAL Status Tool App

With Dual XGPS190 firmware 2.60 or later installed, ForeFlight can receive GPS, ADS-B and AHRS data.

See these DUAL instructions for complete details about configuring the Status Tool app to allow the XGPS170, XGPX170D, or XGPS190 to work with ForeFlight Mobile.

  1. Pair your iPad or iPhone with the XGPS (or connect, if previously paired)
  2. Open the Status Tool app
  3. Tap the "Setup" (gear) button
  4. Turn the "Support ForeFlight" switch ON
  5. Tap the "OK" button 
  6. Leave the Status Tool app running in the background, then switch to ForeFlight Mobile