How do I connect an Avidyne IFD440/540/550 to Sentry or Stratus WiFi?

If you have Sentry or Stratus, you can configure your IFD440/540/550 navigator to connect to your device's WiFi network. This will allow ForeFlight Mobile on your iPad or iPhone to exchange flight plans with the IFD and for ForeFlight Mobile to receive ADS-B weather and traffic directly from your portable ADS-B receiver.

Guidance on connecting your IFD to a Sentry or Stratus is found in the IFD Pilot's Guide:

The WiFi system can be configured to work in "Local" mode where the IFD acts as a "server" or access point, or, "Remote" mode where the IFD acts as a "client" and can attach to a separate remote access point which allows the IFD to join other existing WiFi networks (e.g. connect to an existing Sentry - ForeFlight network).

The factory default WiFi network ID (SSID) and password are “LIO_WIFI” and “abcdef1234”. Both are changeable values via maintenance mode and separate SSID and passwords can be created for both the "Local" and "Remote" modes – instructions for doing so can be found in the Installation Manual.


Properly configured IFD WiFi screen

NOTE: ADS-B weather and traffic received from Sentry or Stratus cannot be displayed on the IFD.