Why do I occasionally get a ghost target for my ADS-B Out equipped aircraft?

Ownship information comes from your ADS-B Out broadcasts. If ForeFlight detects ownship, the target generated from ownship is suppressed to prevent you from seeing your own aircraft as a ghost target.

Sometimes a ghost target for your aircraft position will be presented if the ground station generates a TISB for your transponder.  If that happens, the second target will appear as a ghost aircraft to you.

A ground station is not supposed to generate a TISB target for an aircraft equipped with ADS-B Out. The three main causes of ghost TISB's come from:

     1. Ground radar target can't be reconciled with an ADS-B target because of maneuvering or radar error;

     2. Ground station fusion server is not working;

     3. Aircraft is ADS-B Out equipped but fails to broadcast compliant data.

If it is common to see your aircraft as a ghost target, tap on a target within ForeFlight.  The source for the data will be displayed in the pop-up data bubble. If it says "TISB," the target is generated by the ground station, and there are two things you can do:

1.  You will want to get a performance report for your aircraft to determine if your ADS-B setup is working properly.  You can get a compliance report here:    

     Public ADS-B Performance Report Request

If the report shows any errors, you will want to contact your avionics professional for assistance on how to correct those errors.

2. If your compliance report shows that your system has no errors, then you can report the problem to the FAA for further investigation by using this form:

     ADS-B / TIS-B / FIS-B Problem Report

If the source data for the target says "ADS-B", it will also have an N-number and if the N-number is yours, then something may be wrong with our detection logic for ownship and you will want to contact team@foreflight.com for information about getting us ADS-B logs to review.