ForeFlight is slow to load and use. What can I do?

As older devices are updated, they will always tend to run a bit slower as the operating system and other apps require more processing power. Here are a few tips to improve performance.

First, reboot your device. Here are instructions on how to reboot your device:

1. Press-and-hold the power button at the top of your device while simultaneously holding the home button.
2. Keep both buttons pressed until the Apple logo appears on the screen. (around 10 seconds)
3. Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears. The device will now reload the operating system and reboot in approximately one minute. 

Also, when using ForeFlight, close any other apps running in the background that are utilizing your device's resources.  You can do so like this:

1. Press the button at the bottom of the iPhone/iPad twice in a row (Double Click). Apps in use will be displayed in the center of the screen. If they don't appear - please try again until they do.
2. Find the open apps by scrolling through the apps left or right.
3. Swipe the open apps upwards off of the screen to shut them down. This will stop them from running in the background.
4. Tap on the top of the home button to exit.
5. Tap the ForeFlight Mobile icon to restart ForeFlight.