How do I connect Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS-X or FS 2004) to ForeFlight?

ForeFlight can be connected to Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS-X or FS 2004) by using FSXflight.


  1. Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004
  2. FSUIPC:
  3. .NET Framework 4
  4. ForeFlight 4.7+
  5. WiFi network for your iOS device


Once you have the FSXFlight Product, here is how to connect Microsoft Flight Simulator to ForeFlight. 

1. Download FSXFlight. Using the link provided in your receipt, download on your Flight Simulator PC. Open the zip file and extract FSXFlight.exe to anywhere on your PC.

2. Start Flight Simulator.  Start your flight simulator of choice. Start a flight either on the ramp or in the air. Ensure that FSUIPC is installed by checking in the Add-ons menu.

3. Start FSXFlight.  Double click on the FSXFlight application icon.  Since flight simulator is already running FSXFlight should read “Connected to FSX.”

4. Start ForeFlight on your iOS Device.  Ensure your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same network as your Flight simulator PC and launch ForeFlight. Be sure to have ForeFlight version 4.7 or later.

5. Enable FSXFlight in ForeFlight.  Navigate to the Devices page in ForeFlight. FSXFlight should appear in the list. Tap on FSXFlight and enable it.