Does ForeFlight support entering Military Grid Reference Systems (MGRS) or UTM/UPS coordinates?

ForeFlight Mobile supports the Military Grid Reference Systems (MGRS), which is an alpha-numeric system for expressing UTM/UPS coordinates.  You can input MGRS into ForeFlight using the following format.


Formatting is as follows:

     - NN is the 6° wide UTM zone number with leading zero included

     - L is the band of latitude (see table below)

     - SS designates 100,000m grid square within the zone

     - eeee and nnnn represent the Easting and Northing values within the 100,000m grid square.


     1.  MGRS@15RTP (15 is UTM zone, R is latitude band and TP is the 100,000m grid square).

     2.  MGRS@15RTN50008000 (15 is UTM zone, R is latitude band, TN is the 100,000m grid square, 5000 is the easting and 8000 is the northing within the 100,000m grid square).

Image 1.  MGRS Grid Zones.

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