Where can I find Terminal Enroute Control (TEC) routes?

Tower Enroute Control (TEC) information, a collection of published low-altitude, short-distance IFR routes, can be found in the A/FD Supplementals that are found in the "Documents" page.  

To get the correct A/FD for your needs, from within ForeFlight, go to the "Documents" page and then select the "Catalog" button from the upper right corner.  From the pop-up window that appears, select "FAA" from the left column and then search for the appropriate A/FD Supplemental from the right column.  Tap on the A/FD that you want to view.

Once the A/FD is downloaded, open it up and you can use the search option (button that looks like a magnifying glass) on the document reader to search for "Tower Enroute Control".  This will display the A/FD pages that discuss Tower Enroute Control.