Do you have a subscription for Europe?

ForeFlight Mobile does not provide aviation charts or plates for Europe at this time, however, ForeFlight does provide a downloadable World Map which allows for flight planning.   

ForeFlight also has many non-North American customers who find ForeFlight Mobile useful for these features:

1. Flight Planning, Airways and Moving Map, using the Data-Driven Aeronautical Map.

2.  User Waypoints (For details, please see Importing User Waypoints)

3.  Bring Your Own Plates (A feature that's primarily aimed at non-North American pilots.  This lets you import any PDFs you have and have them show up inside the ForeFlight app.  Instructions for using this feature are on our Bring Your Own Procedures article.

4.  World Map providing in-flight access to a clean and simple global country map

5.  METAR/TAFs/Frequencies/Runway info for medium to large airports

6.  FBO data

7.  Fuel prices (If they are submitted by users.)