How do I purchase additional coverages/seats through Jeppesen or ForeFlight?

If you want to purchase additional Jeppesen coverages or seats, you have the option to purchase them through either Jeppesen or ForeFlight.

Already have charts through Jeppesen?

Maybe you want to add Jeppesen charts to ForeFlight but also keep your charts in the other EFB apps. In that case, you can either purchase additional coverages seats from Jeppesen or buy the same coverage through ForeFlight. The benefit of buying the same coverage through ForeFlight is that you will be able to access the charts in ForeFlight on all the devices that you are signed into with your ForeFlight account. You won’t be able to use the ForeFlight-purchased coverage in other apps. You’ll end up with two subscriptions to the same charts - one through Jeppesen and the other through ForeFlight.

Only have a data subscription through Jeppesen?

If your Jeppesen subscription only covers data for installed panel avionics, purchasing the same coverage through ForeFlight is the best option. The process is as quick and easy as renewing your subscription. The new Jeppesen charts will automatically become available for download in ForeFlight on all the devices signed in to your ForeFlight account. Note that if you purchase Jeppesen charts through ForeFlight, they will only be accessible in ForeFlight, and not in any other programs or panel avionics, such as a G1000.

Follow this link to purchase Jeppesen charts through ForeFlight:

To learn more about purchasing additional coverage through Jeppesen, please visit or contact Jeppesen Business Aviation sales directly at