What do the graphical NOTAM colors represent?

Graphical NOTAMs are broken into various classifications and types, which are described in the tables below. Graphical NOTAMs will be colored red, yellow, or gray, depending on the type and status.

All supported graphical NOTAMs will be shown on the map two hours before the NOTAM is scheduled to become active. The following two tables show NOTAM types where the NOTAM color does not change when the NOTAM changes from scheduled to active.


NOTAMs that are grey at all times


NOTAMs that are yellow at all times

Graphical NOTAMs described in the table below will be yellow during the two-hour period before activation. During this time, the NOTAM is considered to be scheduled. When the NOTAM becomes active, it will turn red for the duration of the active time.


NOTAMs that are yellow when scheduled and red when active

NOTE: A RED NOTAM does not imply the airspace is restricted. Refer to a NOTAM's text to evaluate the impact of the NOTAM.