What wind information is available with ForeFlight Mobile?

Various wind products are available with ForeFlight Mobile. Some products, such as METAR surface winds, are available in multiple views. Other products may only be available on a single view.

Wind Data Source

ForeFlight Mobile aggregates data and displays the latest information available. For example, if you pack for a flight and connect to ADS-B while airborne, ADS-B wind information will be displayed when applicable. If a weather product is not available via ADS-B, but is available via the internet and Pack is used prior to flight,ForeFlight displays the latest packed wind data.

Internet Winds/Pack

All wind information, with the exception of the XM Surface Wind Analysis, is available with an active internet connection. Wind information that you view on the Map or Airports page can be saved (via pack) for offline viewing.

Packed winds aloft data is saved to your device for twelve hours. Surface winds are saved for three hours. Packed wind information is automatically deleted after the specified time or if you receive updated wind information from any source.      

ADS-B Winds

Text-based wind information is available via ADS-B. The ADS-B tower you're receiving data from determines how much wind information you receive. ADS-B towers broadcast information within a specific look-ahead range.  

When flying outside an ADS-B tower's look-ahead range, wind information will not be available nor integrated into flight planning results. For example, while flying on the west coast of the United States, wind information is not available for flights in New England.

Sirius XM Winds

Text and graphical wind information is available with a paid XM subscription and compatible receiver (Garmin GDL51/52 or SXAR1). 


Wind-related charts are available on the Imagery view.  Imagery charts require an active internet connection. To save a chart from the Imagery view, use the share function to save the chart to your device's photos, apps, or files. It's not possible to save a chart directly to ForeFlight.  

Briefings obtained from the Flights view are automatically saved to your device and can be viewed offline. Wind information from a briefing is not integrated into flight planning results or runway wind component calculations.   

Refer to the chart below for additional information. 

  Internet Pack ADS-B XM  
Maps View        
Surface Winds (METARs)

Dynamic Winds (Performance plans)

Winds Aloft (Map Layer) X
Surface Wind Analysis X X X
Airport View        
Surface Winds (METAR)
Winds/Temps Aloft
Wind Component (Runways)
Imagery View        
Graphical Forecast (Surface) X X X
Winds Aloft X X  X
Flights View (Briefing)        
Vertical Cross Section Chart (PDF) X X X
Wind/Temp/Turb Chart (PDF) X X X

Vis/Winds/Precip (HTML)

Wind Chart (HTML) X X X
Vertical Cross Section Chart (HTML) X X X
Winds Aloft Table (HTML) X X X