Data Differences Between Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck and ForeFlight


ForeFlight's April 2022 app update included new support for operational notes for airways, waypoints, and navaids, which are now visible from each element's detail view. We are continuing to work on bridging the remaining data gaps between Mobile FliteDeck and ForeFlight Mobile as well as developing an analog to the Smart Notes feature in ForeFlight, and we plan to ship these improvements over the next few months.



Some data that are viewable in Mobile FliteDeck are not currently viewable in ForeFlight Mobile. These data, which are primarily relevant to flights outside the U.S., include operational notes such as airway restrictions, required equipment, and air traffic procedures, as well as certain airspace types such as HLA and ACC/UAC.

We are actively working to incorporate these into ForeFlight Mobile. In the interim, we suggest that customers who require this data continue using Mobile FliteDeck alongside ForeFlight Mobile.

What are the data differences between Mobile FliteDeck and ForeFlight?

  • Operational Notes: ForeFlight’s detail views for airways, waypoints, and navaids do not include certain operational notes such as airway restrictions. This would also support "Unusable airways" which only have a note in Jeppesen Restrictions that says unusable.


  • Cruise Tables and Route Restriction Notes: ForeFlight’s detail view for airways does not include cruise tables or route restriction notes for a given airway segment.


  • Airspace Types: ForeFlight’s airspace list does not include information about ACC/UAC airspace types and operational notes pertaining to areas such as North Atlantic High Level Airspace (HLA).


  • Waypoint Formation Info: ForeFlight’s detail view for waypoints does not include waypoint formation/intersection information (for example to reference VORs).


What are we doing to address these differences?

The ForeFlight team is actively working to implement new detail views where needed and update existing detail views with additional information. All of this information is already available to us as part of the full dataset shared by Jeppesen, so the majority of this work will involve changes to reveal the data in the ForeFlight app.

The team is also evaluating requests for certain interface changes to ForeFlight Mobile based on high-value features in MFD and will implement those deemed to have the highest priority. An analogue to MFD’s Smart Notes feature in particular is already being worked on by the ForeFlight team.

What is the timeline for implementing the necessary changes?

We aim to achieve data parity with MFD over the course of the next few months. Interface and/or feature requests deemed significant enough to address should be implemented before the end of 2022.