2022 Individual Plan Pricing Changes FAQ

Q: What are ForeFlight's new subscription prices for individuals?

A: ForeFlight will offer the following three annual subscription plans for individuals starting March 22nd, 2022:

Basic Plus $120/year $156/year €108/year £96/year
Pro Plus $240/year $312/year €216/year £192/year
Performance Plus

$360/year  ($399.99 in-app)

$468/year. ($549.99 in-app)

€324/year. (€399.99 in-app)

£288/year. (£349.99 in-app)

(Note that the price for Performance Plus is greater when purchased via ForeFlight's in-app purchase options than if you buy it via ForeFlight's website.)

Q: When will the price changes go into effect?

A: ForeFlight's new subscription pricing for individual customers will go into effect on March 22nd, 2022, after which all new purchases or subscription renewals will be charged at the updated price. The current pricing will continue to apply to all purchases or renewals made before that date. If you have an active subscription that expires after March 22nd, then you don't need to pay the new price until you renew your subscription when it expires. Apart from the new price, there will be no change to your ForeFlight subscription before or after you renew, and you will continue receiving monthly app updates and new features as you do now.


Q: Why are you changing subscription prices?

A: In the more than five years since we introduced the Plus plans, we've worked hard to continually add value for all customers while keeping prices unchanged. We're making this adjustment now to reflect our ever-growing investments to give you the most advanced integrated flight app available. We remain as committed as ever to our mission of making your flight planning easier and your flying safer and more enjoyable, and we sincerely appreciate your business.


Q: Are you introducing new plan levels?

A: No, ForeFlight's three subscription plans for individuals (Basic Plus, Pro Plus, and Performance Plus) are staying the same with the exception of the price changes.


Q: Are you discontinuing any plan levels?

A: Yes, the legacy Basic and Pro subscription plans will be discontinued at the same time as the price change. These plans have not been available for new purchases since shortly after we introduced the current "Plus" plans, but customers already on these plans have been allowed to continue renewing them each year. After March 22nd, 2022 these grandfathered subscriptions will no longer be able to renew on the same legacy plans and must upgrade to one of the "Plus" plans to continue using ForeFlight.


Q: Will my legacy Basic or Pro subscription plan auto-renew like it has before?

A: No, with the legacy Basic and Pro subscription plans now discontinued, you will need to manually select and purchase one of our currently-supported plan levels to continue using ForeFlight. Your account will not automatically renew on one of these plans when it expires. 


Q: Is anything else about my current subscription changing?

A: No, all current subscription plans for individuals (Basic Plus, Pro Plus, and Performance Plus) remain the same except for the new prices. However, the legacy Basic and Pro subscription plans are being discontinued as mentioned above, so any remaining customers using those plans must upgrade to one of the "Plus" plans to continue using ForeFlight.


Q: Do I need to pay the new price now to continue receiving app updates?

A: No, you can continue updating to new app versions under your current subscription and renew at the new price once it expires.


Q: When will I need to pay the new price for my current subscription?

A: Only when your current subscription expires following March 22nd, 2022, will you need to renew at the new price unless you decide to renew or upgrade to a higher subscription plan prior to your expiration date.


Q: Can I continue renewing my current plan at the current price?

A: No, all subscription renewals and new purchases after March 22nd, 2022, must be made at the new plan prices.


Q: Can I pay for my subscription month-by-month now?

A: No, ForeFlight subscriptions are still paid annually, just as before.


Q: Do Business and Military customers have to pay the higher price as well?

A: No, these new price tiers are for individual customers only and do not affect Business or Military customers.