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Pilot's Guide to ForeFlight Mobile

ForeFlight Video Library


ForeFlight On Frequency (Home page)  

ForeFlight Fundamentals 

ForeFlight for Student Pilots

ForeFlight for Europe

Filing IFR with ForeFlight

ICAO filing made easy


ForeFlight Pilot in Command (Home page)

Cross Country Flight Planning 


Aircraft Set up

Pilot Guide / Create or Edit an Aircraft

ForeFlight ICAO Equipment Guide 

ForeFlight ICAO Surveillance Guide 

ForeFlight ICAO Quick Reference Guide 

Filing ADS-B Capability in US airspace 

Guidance for the provision of NAV/COM/SUR information in the New ICAO 2012 Flight Plan

FAA registry website (Find your Hexadecimal code here)

AC 90-100A (Change 2) FAA Guidance on Terminal and enroute RNAV Operations

AC 90-100A Compliance matrix for older FMS systems 


Maps Screen

Pilot Guide Maps

Planning a flight on Maps using the Flight Plan Editor

How do I use the Map Touch Feature?

How do I use the Procedure Advisor?


Filing Flight Plans

FAA ICAO Flight plan form and guidance

FAA International Flight Plan for Domestic Use 

Filing a DC SFRA Flight Plan