What are Expected Routes in ForeFlight?

An expected route is not always what ATC has on file.

An expected route is the route that is likely (but not guaranteed) to be issued to you by ATC. On occasion, the ATC facility issuing your clearance may make a last-minute alteration to the route. These changes often involve the departure phase of the route.

If you file with ForeFlight, when ATC updates routing, an “Update Planned Route” pop-up message will appear with the option to update the flight plan. 


Image 1. Sample expected route update notification.

If you choose to ignore the expected route, you can select CANCEL. Your original filed flight plan will remain unchanged in ForeFlight, and no changes will be reflected on your Flights view. If you select UPDATE, the route in your flight will be updated to use the expected route, and performance values will be updated based upon the new route. Selecting UPDATE does not amend or change the route that you filed with ATC.

When updating your route with an expected clearance, when you select UPDATE, on your flight view, you will see both the expected route and the filed route. 


Image 2. After updating your route, you will see both your expected route and the filed route.

When you receive your clearance from ATC, if the clearance matches the expected route, then your flight needs no updating. If the clearance issued is the same as what you initially filed, then select the USE button to the right of the "Filed" route. This action will reload the original route into your flight and update the performance values. If the clearance received is neither what you filled or what was provided as the expected route, then you will have to manually edit the route in ForeFlight.