How do I use the countdown or count up timer in ForeFlight Mobile?

ForeFlight Mobile version 12.5 and above includes a selectable count down or count up timer at the bottom of the MORE menu. Tap the vertical arrow to switch between the count up or count down timers.

Countdown.PNG  Countup.PNG

Count down and count up timers

Only one timer can run at a time. If a timer is running, tapping the vertical arrow will stop that timer and switch to the other style.

Count Down Timer

In count down, mode tap the timer to set a duration in hours, minutes, and seconds. Select whether the timer will repeat and set the number of repetitions (up to 50) after the initial countdown. Tap the timer to start the countdown. Tap it again to stop and clear the count.


Count down timer controls

ForeFlight provides both an audible and visual alert whenever the timer counts down to zero. It will also state whether or not the timer will repeat. If ForeFlight is in the background or closed when the timer expires, your device will display an iOS notification with the same information if you’ve allowed ForeFlight to display notifications.

Timer_expired_-_app_open.PNG  Timer_expired_-_app_closed.PNG

Timer expiration notifications

Count Up Timer (Stopwatch)

In count up mode, tap the timer to begin counting up from zero. Tap it again to stop the count. Tap it once more to reset the count to zero.

Count_up_running.PNG  Count_up_tap_to_zero.PNG

Count up mode