How do I use a countdown timer with ForeFlight?

ForeFlight Mobile version 12.5 includes a selectable count down or count up timer in the More menu. See this article for details.

For previous versions of ForeFlight Mobile, or for displaying a timer all the time, this article covers how to use the countdown timer that is built into the iPad or iPhone’s iOS while using ForeFlight.

STEP 1: On your iPad or iPhone, locate and open the Clock app. 

STEP 2: Select the TIMER button in the Clock app. 

STEP 3: Background the Clock app by pressing the home button (for older devices that have a home button) or by swiping up from the bottom (on those newer devices that don’t have a home button).


Image 1. Main screen with the Clock app visible in the Dock.

STEP 4: Open ForeFlight, and select the desired tab and view (in this example, we’re selecting Maps).

STEP 5: Take your finger and slowly swipe up approximately 1” from the bottom of the screen to open the dock of your device. Release your finger so that the dock stays visible at the bottom.


Image 2. Slide up from the bottom 1” to expose the dock.

STEP 6: Take your finger and drag the Clock icon from the dock slowly to the right edge of the screen. As you start dragging, you will see a larger horizontal box appear around the Clock app. Release the Clock icon when in the center part of the right edge. 


Image 3. Drag the Clock app to the right side of the screen.

The screen will be automatically split into two. ForeFlight should appear on the left side of the screen and the Timer on the right side. 


Image 4. Split-screen created after dragging the Clock app from the bottom.

NOTE: If the Timer function is not displayed, tap the TIMER button in the lower right-hand corner to make if visible.

STEP 7: Select the desired time for the countdown, tap START to begin the countdown.


Image 5. Timer actively counting down.

Removal of Split Screen

To remove the split-screen, tap the left edge of the Timer and drag the timer to the right & off the edge of the screen. When you let go, the right split-screen will disappear and you will be back to full-screen mode with ForeFlight active.

More information about multitasking can be found here: 

Use Multitasking on your iPad