How can I import a Garmin G1000 Track Log into ForeFlight Mobile?

ForeFlight Mobile version 12.0 and later can import a track log that was recorded onto an SD card by a suitably-configured Garmin G1000 MFD.

NOTE: Follow your aircraft's G1000 Pilot's Guide for instructions on installing and configuring a compatible SD card for Flight Data Logging.

STEP 1. After recording a track log, remove the SD card from the TOP slot on the Garmin G1000 MFD.

NOTE: Follow the instructions in your aircraft's G1000 Pilot's Guide about how to correctly remove the SD card, and be sure to only remove the correct SD card from the G1000 MFD.


NOTE: If you have already extracted the files onto your home computer or laptop, you can transfer them to ForeFlight Mobile via AirDrop, iTunes file transfer, or by sharing through email or other apps that you can access on your iOS device.

STEP 2. If your iPad or iPhone has iPadOS13/iOS13 or later, you can directly import the Track Log from the SD card into your device using an SD card reader that is compatible with your device (eg: Lightning or USB-C).  

Insert the SD card into the SD card reader, then plug the reader into your iPad or iPhone.


STEP 3. Open ForeFlight Mobile, tap MORE > TRACK LOGS. Tap the IMPORT button in the upper-right, then tap FROM G1000 (CSV FILE).


STEP 4. When the iOS Files view opens, tap Browse, then choose the USB icon to open the SD card, which will likely be named GARMIN. Tap the DATA LOG folder, then tap on the track log you want to import.

209_Track_Log_Import_browse_1.PNG 209_Track_Log_Import_browse_2.PNG 209_Track_Log_Import_browse_3.PNG

STEP 5. After tapping the track log to import, if you haven’t imported flights from that aircraft before, ForeFlight will prompt you to enter the tail number to associate with the track log.  


NOTE: Future imports of G1000 track logs from that aircraft will not prompt for the tail number.

If ForeFlight Mobile cannot successfully import a G1000 track log for any reason it will generate a text file explaining the error, along with the original track log in a zip file. Tap EXPORT NOW to share the zip file via AirDrop or other apps.

STEP 6. After importing the track log, a "NEW" flag shows until you change away from the Track Logs page.


See all G1000 track logs that have been imported by entering G1000 in the Track Log "Filter".