How do I share a W&B profile using shared documents?

This article outlines steps to create a Weight & Balance (W&B) profile hyperlink, and then add it to a document that can be shared within a group account amongst all its members. It precludes the need to email the W&B profile via email to all the group members, as well as will allow for the sharing of multiple profiles all within one document.


STEP 1. Create a W&B profile within the ForeFlight Mobile app.

STEP 2. Select the SEND TO icon (upper right-hand corner) and then MAIL to email yourself the profile with a hyperlink you will need. 


Image 1. From within the W&B profile, select SEND TO and MAIL.

STEP 3. From the received email, right-click on the hyperlink and select COPY LINK.


Image 2. Right-click on the profile link and select COPY LINK.

STEP 4. Paste the hyperlink from the email into a Word document created for housing W&B profiles. 


Image 3. Paste the copied hyperlink into your document. The hyperlink URL is shown above.

STEP 5. Highlight the hyperlink and then right-click the highlighted hyperlink to display the menu. Select COPY to copy the hyperlink text. 

Image 4. Highlight the link and then right-click and select COPY.
STEP 6. Right-click the highlighted hyperlink again to display the menu window. Click HYPERLINK.

Image 5. Highlight the link and then right-click and select HYPERLINK.

STEP 7. Paste the hyperlink into the “Link To:” box, and then enter the display name for the aircraft W&B link. Select OK when complete. 


Image 6. Paste the hyperlink and add display text for the link.

STEP 8. The aircraft profile will now be shown as the display name you entered. The text is hyperlinked.


Image 7. Word Document Showing Aircraft Name.

STEP 9. In the Word Menu Bar, tap FILE > SAVE AS and assign the document name you wish to give it. Below that, in the “File Format” selector, use the dropdown to select PDF. Before Tapping the Export button, select BEST FOR ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION AND ACCESSIBILITY. Tap “EXPORT. 


Image 8. Naming and Saving as a PDF File.

STEP 10. The file is now complete as a PDF. It can now be placed in the Shared Document folder (DropBox, Box, or S3), where it will be available for all users in the group account.


Image 9. Completed PDF Document.


1: Setting up Shared Document integration is a separate step and should be completed prior to the creation and placement of this document.

2: Adding links to additional W&B profiles requires editing the original Word Document, and then recreating the PDF file to replace the original version. If the user prefers, a separate PDF file can be created for each aircraft.