Aircraft Setup

Aircraft Setup

Before using Dispatch, you must click on the Aircraft tab and create and Publish at least one new aircraft, or Publish an existing aircraft.


New Aircraft

Aircraft information is divided into several sections. For best results, enter information as completely as possible in all sections. 

General - Basic information about the aircraft, including Tail Number, color, and Home Airport. It also includes the aircraft's Type Code with an integrated lookup. 

NOTE: Many aircraft types are listed multiple times due to different variants or manufacturers. Be sure to scroll to select the correct aircraft profile with "# Performance Profiles" under it. 

Performance  - After selecting the Aircraft Type, the Performance section will appear showing all available ForeFlight Performance Profiles. Click "Details" to see the information about a profile, and to select it as the Default profile for that aircraft. The Default profile is used for all initial flight plans, but any other Performance Profile can be selected while planning the flight.


If a ForeFlight Performance profile does not exist for your aircraft, you can click the "+ Add custom enroute profile" button to add a Basic or By-Altitude performance profile. The By-Altitude profile is more time-consuming to enter but will generally result in more accurate results. 

Clearance Delivery - Whether Pre Departure Clearance has been activated for that aircraft. 

Glide Performance - The aircraft's best-glide speed and ratio.

Altitudes - The aircraft's default cruise altitude (used as the Default when planning a Flight) and the maximum ceiling (used as the cutoff altitude for the Altitude Advisor). If no altitude is entered for maximum ceiling the Altitude Advisor will return results up to FL570.

Weights - Basic Empty Weight, Max Zero Fuel Weight, Max Ramp Weight, Max Takeoff Weight, and Max Landing Weight. 

NOTE: When you select an aircraft with a ForeFlight Performance Profile the Maximum Weights and Ceiling are automatically populated based on Manufacturer data. Do not increase the Max Takeoff Weight or Max Ceiling above these values.

Fuel - Fuel Type and unit of measure, the default amount of fuel used for Start/Taxi/Takeoff, and the Total Usable and Default Reserve Fuel values.


NOTE: Be sure to enter the correct default amount of fuel used for Start/Taxi/Takeoff. Entering a fuel burn rate amount, eg: 460 (pph), instead of the quantity of fuel burned during a typical engine start, taxi, and takeoff eg: 115 (lbs) will result in erroneous fuel burn values for the flight.

Filing - Enter the ICAO equipment and information for your aircraft. For full details, see the "ICAO FILING with ForeFlight - Quick Reference Guide" or the "Filing ICAO with ForeFlight Mobile". Both documents are available in ForeFlight Mobile in Documents > DRIVES > ForeFlight. ForeFlight will attempt to automatically populate any incomplete ICAO information based on previously filed flight plans. However you should confirm that any automatically populated information is correct before filing any flight plans.

Dinghy & Emergency - enter information about any dinghies, life jackets, or other emergency gear onboard the aircraft. 

Publish Aircraft

After creating an aircraft, or if you have an existing aircraft that is ready to use, select the aircraft from the aircraft column, the click the green "Publish" button in the lower-right of the screen to make that aircraft available for all users on your account.