Releasing Flights

After a flight is saved in Dispatch, if the PIC and other crew have been selected the Release button will appear at the bottom right corner. NOTE: A flight does not have to be filed in order to be released. It can be filed before or after being released to the crew:


NOTE: If the crew has not yet been selected, the Release button is not clickable:


When you click the Release button the flight plan will automatically show up on the crew's devices, and the button changes to Released:


When a flight is released the crew will receive an email that they have been assigned to that flight, and they will see this flight plan inside ForeFlight on the Flights tab.

From there they can retrieve their Navlog and Briefing, along with any other incoming messages about the flight.

The flight that the crew receives in the Flights view in ForeFlight Mobile is Read-Only so they will not be able to edit the flight, but they can contact their Operations team to make any needed changes using Dispatch. Any changes made in Dispatch will automatically sync to the crew's devices (Internet access is required for the crew to receive updates).