Amending and Cancelling Flight Plans

The guidelines around amending or canceling a flight plan vary depending on the region where you are filing. See Guidelines for Filing, Amending and Canceling Flight Plans for country-specific information.

To amend a filed flight plan, go to the Flights list view, locate the filed flight plan you wish to amend in the list, and click Edit.

When the Flight is displayed, make the desired changes, such as changes to the Route or any other fields.

Once you have completed ALL of the changes you wish to make, click the “Save & Amend” button in the bottom right-hand corner.

IMPORTANT: Do not click the "Save & Amend" button until you have made ALL of the changes you wish to make.

After you click the “Save & Amend” a pop-up will open. Click, “Yes, amend flight” to file the amended plan. Or, click, “No” to return to the Flight Edit view.

To cancel a filed flight plan, click the red “Cancel” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Flight Edit view.