Flight Plan Messages

Once a flight has been filed, any messages received from ATC will be shown at the bottom of the Flight page.

These messages can include:

FPL - Outbound Flight Plan Message (FPL)
ACK - Inbound Acknowledgement Message (ACK). ACK responses to FPL, CHG, DLA and CNL messages.
REJ - Inbound Rejection Message (REJ). REJ responses to FPL, CHG, DLA and CNL messages.
CHG - Outbound Modification Messages (CHG). A CHG message is transmitted when any change is made to the flight plan data contained in a previously transmitted FPL.
CNL - Outbound Cancellation (CNL) Message.
DLA - Outbound Delay Message (DLA). Delay Message (DLA) is sent to ATC advising them of the new requested departure time.
SPL - Outbound Supplementary Flight Plan Message (SPL). This type of message will only be sent in reply to a request for supplementary flight plan data.