New Flight, and the Flight Form

The Flight form allows Dispatch users to quickly create a new flight from the Dispatch Flights List or while viewing an existing flight.

1. Creating a New Flight
2. Page Layout

1. Creating a New Flight

Create a new flight by clicking the "New Flight" button at the top left of the Flights list, or while viewing an existing flight by clicking the "Next Flight" button at the top of the flight page.

New_Flight_button.png  Next_flight_button.png   

2. Page Layout

Route Performance Summary


The Route Performance Summary is blank until the aircraft, departure & destination airports, and ETD are entered, then the Summary displays estimated departure time (ETD), performance calculations for estimated time enroute (ETE), the average head/tailwind component over the entire route of flight (Wind Effects), inflight fuel consumption (Dest Fuel), estimated time of arrival (ETA), and route distance (Dist). The performance results are recalculated every time a change is made to any part of the Flight form.

Input Fields

General - Aircraft, Departure & Destination, Times, Callsign, and Alternates


Fuel - Cruise Profile, Taxi Fuel, Fuel policy, Selected Destination FBO, Advanced Fuel Options (Reserve & Contingency Fuel Policies, and Wind Model)

Load & Crew - Number of people at avg. weight, and Cargo weight. Crew selection from drop-down.


ETP/ETOPS, or SETOPS - Available depending on aircraft configuration.



Routes - Available once Aircraft, Departure and Destination are selected.



Output Fields - Continually calculated based on flight plan inputs. Includes

Destination values
Risk Analysis (SETOPS only)
Trip Weights and Fuel