Inviting & Managing Users - Organization tab

You can invite and manage members of your ForeFlight business account in the Organization tab on ForeFlight’s web application. From here you can invite new users, and manage devices, data, and documents.


Administrators on the account can sign in to and click on the Organization tab, then click Add Users to the top-right of the Users list to invite new users.

If adding 1-5 users, enter an email address on each line of the pop-up, then click "Add". If adding more than 5 users, either repeat the manual addition steps as needed, or click the CSV button to upload a CSV file containing a single column of email addresses.


From the Organization tab you can also view the total number of iPads and iPhone in use in the top left, and a table listing all users on the account and information about each. You can click on an individual user’s email address to set users as Administrators, reset their password, as well as remove them from a Jeppesen coverage or the account.

If you are trying to add a pilot who has an existing ForeFlight subscription, please contact for assistance.