Why is my TFR map layer missing?

If your Maps page drop-down menu is missing the TFR map layer, ensure that your iOS device's region is set to a non-European country. If you have a European country selected, your drop-down menu will display NOTAMs instead of TFRs.

To check or change your setting, open the iPad or iPhone's SETTINGS APP and go to GENERAL > LANGUAGE & REGION. On the Language & Region page, tap on REGION and select a non-European country from the list.


Image 1. Go to iOS Settings App > GENERAL > LANGUAGE & REGION.

Below are examples showing how TFRs is displayed on the Maps page layer selector for regions that are not in Europe and NOTAMs is displayed for regions in Europe. 


Image 2. TFR's is shown with Language & Region set to United States. 


Image 3. NOTAMs is shown with Language & Region set to United Kingdom.