Jeppesen MobileFD VFR (MFD VFR) charts are not available in ForeFlight Mobile

The Jeppesen Mobile Flight Deck VFR (aka: MobileFD VFR, or MFD VFR) charts are exclusive to that product and are not available in ForeFlight, even if your current Jeppesen MobileFD VFR subscription account has been linked to your ForeFlight account.

For more information about the transition from Jeppesen MobileFD VFR to ForeFlight Mobile, please see this article: Mobile Flight Deck VFR (MFD VFR) replacement.

If you have a Jeppesen subscription that includes any other coverage, linking your Jeppesen account to your ForeFlight account gives you access to worldwide Jeppesen VFR en-route charts in ForeFlight Mobile. Please see this article: Why don't I have an option to view VFR charts with my linked Jeppesen subscription? for more information.