Why don't I have an option to view VFR charts with my linked Jeppesen subscription?

Jeppesen VFR charts are not shown by default with linked Jeppesen subscriptions. To display Jeppesen VFR charts in the app, go to MORE > JEPPESEN and turn the switch ON next to DISPLAY VFR theme. 


Image 1. Turn DISPLAY VFR THEME on.

NOTE: The worldwide Jeppesen VFR En-route chart coverage available in ForeFlight when a Jeppesen subscription is linked to ForeFlight, or when Jeppesen coverage is purchased through the ForeFlight website at https://www.foreflight.com/pricing, are NOT the same charts shown in the Jeppesen MobileFD VFR product. Jeppesen MobileFD VFR charts are not compatible with or available in ForeFlight Mobile. 

These images show examples of the Jeppesen VFR en-route charts over Europe, but the same "look-and-feel" applies for other parts of the world.


Image 2. Jeppesen VFR en-route charts, zoomed out over Europe.


Image 3. Jeppesen VFR en-route charts, zoomed in over central Germany.